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We specialize in solving challenging water related projects

Our Construction Team designs and installs a variety of slope, drainage and channel remediation services for residential and commercial clients throughout North Texas and surrounding areas.

stream restoration/ creek channel remediation

Biotechnical Stream Restoration

Our team has a passion for installing the most environmentally friendly stream protection solutions.  These solutions range from bio-engineered products to hard armoring. Our designs are tailored to fit the challenges of each project with a core focus on sustainable remediation.

Check out a few of our highlighted projects.

potential dam breach in neighborhood

Dam Leak Remediation

Water features are an integral part of land development.  The challenge with any water feature is to keep it from transmitting water through the dam. Cardinal Strategies has the expertise to design and install a solution to fix a dam that is leaking water.

See a few of our completed projects.

landslide on edge of golf course

Landslide Remediation

Cardinal Strategies has decades of expertise in stabilizing a landslide.  We determine the cause of failure and develop an engineered solution and installation approach that will stand the test of time.

Check out a few of our highlighted projects.

retaining wall picture in creek channel

Retaining Wall Installation and Remediation

We specialize in fixing retaining walls that have failed due to hydrostatic water pressure.  The solution starts with constructing a drain system that will capture the water before a static pool is formed behind the wall.

See photos of a few of Cardinal's completed projects.

swimming pool on slope

Swimming Pool Stabilization

Swimming pools can move once they are installed.  One way they move is through hydrostatic lift.  In the event water in the soil is causing the pools to move, we can design and install a system to stabilize the pool and can help prevent future movement.

Foundation Repair

Residential Foundation Drainage Systems

We begin by investigating the reason why a house is moving.  If it is found to be moving from water saturating the soil, we develop and install a solution to drain the water from the active soil and stabilize the foundation.

Crawl Space Moisture Control and Ventilation

Moisture in a crawl space can cause a multitude of issues which include mildew, mold, dust mites, and wood rot. Keeping the humidity under control and the area well ventilated is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment. Our team provides a thorough site investigation so that the issue at hand can be corrected and maintained properly. 

“I am amazed at how great my yard looks and I cannot say enough nice things about the Cardinal employees who completed the work. They arrived early, worked hard, listened to my questions and cleaned everything up when they were done. They were the best team I've ever seen.”

Veronica Ejma, Homeowner

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