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We make stormwater work for you and the environment

Our engineering team are experts in applying the latest technology on water resources projects relating to floodplain analysis and management, watershed management, runoff conveyance, geomorphic assessments, stream restoration and erosion & sediment control design.

Neighborhood flooding Houston Harvey

Flood Studies and Downstream Assessments

As our communities progress with new land development, it is important to understand existing flood prone areas and potential future floodplain areas that are created as a result of these developments. We provide solutions to maximize the development potential of the property, while not adversely impacting the watershed. We are the trusted advisor for our clients as it relates to riverine and storm drain infrastructure flooding.

LOMR CLOMR LOMA LOMC flood map revision

FEMA Letters of Map Change (LOMC)

Keeping community flood maps up to date with FEMA can be challenging. We lead the project through the regulatory process for our clients.  Our relationships with FEMA and our knowledge of the process saves our clients time, which saves them money. 

Detention pond

Detention Sizing

Above ground detention ponds, underground detention ponds, and dams pose both benefits and risks to the public. Our experts get involved when simplistic engineering solutions do not suffice for the proposed development.  

dam breach analyses 2D 3D XP SWMM Infoworks HEC-RAS

Complex Hydraulic Systems

Our team is well versed in the latest one and two dimensional unsteady state modeling software programs. With our breadth of expertise, we select and apply the correct software based on the complexity of the conveyance system.

dam failure dam breach analyses

Dam Breach Analyses

The threat of a dam breaching is something a community homeowner should not have to think about. At Cardinal Strategies, we not only think about how a dam breach could occur, we also develop analyses, emergency action plans, and operation and maintenance plans for the responsible party.

I trust Cardinal Strategies to take care of all of my flood studies, LOMRs, and FEMA related issues at Shaddock Development Company. They are very competent and have quick turnarounds on flood related issues that can significantly delay your project. In addition, their relationships with FEMA and municipalities are crucial to getting approvals in a timely manner.

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