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Environmental Services

Learn more about Cardinal Strategies' environmental products and services. We have everything to meet your stormwater regulation needs.

Cardinal’s Stormwater Compliance Concierge Program is designed to guide you through the stormwater compliance process from beginning to end. This program covers everything from getting your project ready to kick off to post-construction services including:

  • SWPPP development
  • Document management
  • Permitting coordination
  • Stormwater inspections
  • Asset management
  • Risk management

Cardinal’s concierge program helps you coordinate and take care of all action items associated with the stormwater compliance process.

Don’t need all of the concierge services? Cardinal also offers these services separately to clients.

Risk management is following steps to limit the liability for all stormwater related services. As part of Cardinal's Stormwater Compliance Concierge Program, we make sure documents are not only signed, but also signed by the right party, properly filing permits and more. Our job is to guide every customer to eliminate as much risk as possible associated with the stormwater management process.

Ask a Cardinal representative today about how we can help you manage risk in stormwater compliance.

A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is a site-specific plan developed for eligible construction sites. This plan identifies and addresses Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff to meet federal, state and local requirements by governing bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and others.

For the last 15 years, Cardinal Strategies has developed SWPPPs for commercial and residential construction sites in Texas and surrounding states. Our user-friendly SWPPPs are stamped by an in-house Professional Engineer (PE) and delivered directly to every client. Did we mention our quick turnaround time, too?

Contact our team today about your SWPPP needs.

A Stormwater Quality Management Plan (SQWMP) is designed to address, but is not limited to, the treatment of stormwater runoff on a site after construction is complete and the site is operational. The plan will have a site description as well as planned controls and procedures for maintenance and inspection.

A Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) is used in two ways.

  1. SWMP is required for every MS4 stormwater discharge permit by a municipality. Cardinal helps a municipality to create and revise its SWMP.
  2. Per Texas regulations, an SWMP is required for commercial property owners. Cardinal helps clients review the SWMP annually to make sure it meets or exceeds state guidelines.

Get in touch with Cardinal today for all of your SWMP needs.

All active construction sites operating under a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) are required to follow permit regulations. With the guidance of Cardinal’s qualified inspectors, construction site operators are much less likely to be fined by environmental governing bodies.

Cardinal’s team of qualified, highly experienced inspectors partner with every client to stay compliant with federal, state, and local requirements. Each week, Cardinal inspectors attach a digital copy of the Best Management Practices (BMPs) map to every inspection report and update it throughout the life of the project. On top of their experience and level of service, Cardinal’s inspectors make it a priority to build personal relationships with each client.

Are you looking for stormwater inspections for your construction site? Contact the Cardinal team today.

Construction on your site is complete, but the stormwater assets such as detention and retention ponds, storm inlets, underground detention, etc. put in place during construction need monitoring and sometimes maintenance. Cardinal’s post-construction stormwater compliance service includes identification, regular inspections, maintenance and asset management.

Asset management is documenting and storing all of your stormwater-related data in one location. If requested, Cardinal will keep track of your permits, documents, etc. related to stormwater compliance on your construction site. Cardinal’s goal with asset management is to make every customer’s job easier.

Cardinal's post-construction inspection form uses a simple sliding scale to let every client know the extent of maintenance needed for their stormwater assets. Cardinal also uses mapping technology to number assets for easy viewing.

Contact us today about post-construction compliance for your site.

Cardinal knows that education is a huge part of successful stormwater maintenance and compliance. We provide several different types of stormwater compliance trainings to help get you and your staff up to speed. Cardinal provides training in the following areas.

  • STEERS training
  • Stormwater inspector training (Including a certificate at the end of the course for each attendee)
  • Stormwater compliance process training
  • Educational training

Whether you’re looking for in-person or a virtual option for your team, Cardinal has you covered. We adapt every session to exactly meet your needs.

Get in touch today about setting up your choice of stormwater training. Cardinal is ready to help.

On top of Cardinal’s other services, we provide miscellaneous stormwater consulting services. Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Third-party response to a regulatory violation
  • Construction site compliance audits for self-inspecting customers or 3rd party inspector
  • Escalation of a regular site inspection (i.e. engineering consult, etc.)

Is there a consulting service you need that we haven’t mentioned? Contact us today and we’ll see how Cardinal can best help you.

A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is designed to assess if current or historical property uses have impacted the soil or groundwater beneath the property and could pose a threat to the environment and/or human health. If a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) is found, that could present potential liability for the lender and/or owner, as well as affecting the value of the property.

Once a Phase I ESA report is done, Cardinal will summarize what concerns, if any, were identified on the property and make recommendations about what actions, if any, are needed to address those concerns.

Are you interested in a Phase 1 ESA? Get in touch with Cardinal today.

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