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Spring is here; time to make sure your grass is growing

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Spring is here! So, what does that mean? As the weather warms up, it’s crucial to ensure the grass on your work site is growing. Vegetative growth is important in preventing sediment and erosion.

Why does it matter?

Vegetation, both above ground and root plants, stabilizes the soil on your job site and help prevent erosion. Erosion and sediment damage more than just a construction site, they impact the community around it.

How does erosion affect my job site?

Revegetation protects against off-site damage and can help fix on-site damage done during the worksite preparation process. Once the organic matter in the soil is gone, the dirt compacts and makes it hard to grow anything in the future.

According to the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, “The onsite loss of [topsoil] nearly eliminates the soil’s natural ability to provide nutrients, regulate water flow, and combat pests and disease.”

How do I use grass to prevent soil erosion?

To help prevent soil erosion, follow management best practices and guidelines suggested in a Stormwater Protection and Prevention Plan (SWPPP) like adding mulch, seeding and/or sod. Practices to prevent soil erosion also include silt fencing, gravel bags, buffers and more.

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