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Watch Now: Cardinal’s episode of ‘Inside the Blueprint’

Man in hard hat standing next to water source pointing in the distance

Did you miss the airing of Cardinal Strategies’ episode of Inside the Blueprint a few weeks ago? Don’t worry, watch it online now!

The 5-minute segment originally aired locally on Nov. 14 and 15 on Dallas-Fort Worth’s Fox Business News (FBN) on KDFI channel 27 and featured the Cardinal Construction Division’s innovative approach to solving complex erosion control problems.

Watch the episode now and learn more about Cardinal’s unique biotechnical approach to erosion control.

About Inside the Blueprint

Inside the Blueprint is a series focusing on innovations in the field of commercial construction and design that features products and ideas that impact the industry. Each episode touches on the four integral steps to innovation: inspiration, idea, process and impact.

Learn more about Inside the Blueprint on their website.


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