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Project Highlight: Epic West Channel Stabilization & Repair

Picture of eroded creek bank of Kirby Creek in Grand Prairie, TX

Cardinal Strategies Construction Division recently completed a channel stabilization and repair project along Kirby Creek in Grand Prairie, TX. After the original construction of the channel was complete, there was evidence of erosion issues along the bank. Cardinal's team of experts was brought in to repair the bank and put measures in place to mitigate the erosion concerns.

Pictured below you'll see a before and after photo of the channel repair and stabilization.

Before repair, February 2020

After repair, June 2020

About Cardinal Strategies Construction

Cardinal Strategies Construction specializes in the development and installation of unique solutions that address erosion issues within and along creek channels. When a client calls, Cardinal completes a site investigation and provides a report documenting the issues and a proposed remediation solution. We walk every client through the process and take care of these unique items. After the project is complete and accepted by the owner, Cardinal schedules a six-month follow-up walk to ensure the solution is functioning as installed. If not, Cardinal will make adjustments to the solution in order for it to function as originally planned. Choosing Cardinal is choosing a partner who provides a long-term solution to your complex water challenge.


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