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Q & A: Post-construction stormwater compliance

Photo of construction worker writing on a clipboard, post construction stormwater compliance

What is post-construction stormwater compliance? Do I need it? Why? These are great questions and Cardinal has put together the answers to some of the commonly asked questions about post-construction stormwater compliance and maintenance. Take a look!

What is post-construction compliance?

Post-construction compliance is the inspection and maintenance of a property’s stormwater assets. Inspection and maintenance of stormwater assets is required under Texas regulation. There are also many cities that are writing new ordinances that go above and beyond what the state requires.

When does post-construction compliance start?

The inspection of stormwater assets on your property should begin when you receive the certificate of occupancy (CO) or immediately following the termination of the construction project, i.e., when you file for your Notice of Termination (NOT) with the state.

How often should post-construction inspections happen?

At a minimum, companies are required to inspect annually, but others choose to inspect more frequently throughout the year. Keep in mind, many cities are ramping up their regulation for the frequency of inspections, so this can vary from city to city.

Post-construction maintenance is ongoing and should continue as long as the structure is there. If the building is demolished and a new construction project starts, you would go back to construction (NPDES/TPDES) inspections. Then when the new project is finished, post-construction inspections and maintenance start again.

Why does my property need post-construction maintenance?

Post-construction compliance is not only necessary to keep our waterways clean; it’s also required by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ). While most cities do not inspect stormwater assets, the TCEQ does and can penalize for non-compliance. Larger cities in Texas are starting to adopt their own regulations for stormwater asset inspections.

Are you not sure if you are required to inspect stormwater assets? Inspections are required by Texas law if you have any of the following:
• Detention/retention pond
• Curb inlets
• Drop inlets
• Oil/water separators on your property

How can Cardinal Strategies help you?

Cardinal Strategies can help you with the inspection and management of your stormwater assets. Cardinal provides every client with a map that includes your assets numbered, their location on your site and a report on each of those assets if maintenance is needed.


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