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Last month, Cardinal leadership traveled to El Salvador with Living Water International

President Kim Anderson, CFM, and Technical Sales Michael Anderson, PE, D. WRE, CFM, with Living Water International team and installed water pump in El Salvador

In February, sponsored by Custer Road United Methodist Church, Cardinal Strategies and others President Kim Anderson and Technical Sales Michael Anderson participated in a trip to El Salvador lead by Living Water International. Living Water International is an organization that focuses on providing solutions for clean drinking water in other countries.

Part of a 12-person team, Kim and Michael worked in a rural community several hours outside of Santa Ana. While there, the team was tasked with drilling a well and installing a water pump, so that the community has readily available access to sanitary drinking water.

“Living Water International is an amazing organization that we’re passionate about supporting to fulfill our mission personally and professionally to provide purpose driven water solutions for communities in need of our services," President Kim Anderson, said. “Michael and I are so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve the wonderful people of El Salvador and so grateful that our team was successful in being able to provide the community of San Manuel clean drinking water."

The process to complete the well includes drilling and taking soil samples to explore for water aquifers, inserting PVC casing and reinforcing with gravel pack, cleaning and flushing the well and then finally installing the pump.

About Living Water International

Living Water International is a 501(c)3 non-profit that demonstrates the love of God by implementing participatory, community-based water solutions in developing countries. They train, consult, and equip local people to implement solutions in their own communities in the countries where Living Water International works. Since beginning in 1990, Living Water International has completed nearly 20,000 water projects.

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