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How to keep your SWPPP up to date during construction

Cardinal Strategies Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) site notice sign

A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is an integral part of the construction preparation process that continues through the life of a project. A SWPPP is a living document that requires regular updates while a construction site is active. It’s also the first thing a stormwater inspector looks at when visiting your job site. There’s no need to stress, Cardinal Strategies Environmental Division is here to help. Look at Cardinal’s how-to list on keeping your SWPPP updated until your project is complete.

Maintain the Best Management Practices (BMP) Map

During SWPPP production, Cardinal creates a Best Management Practices (BMP) map to be printed and placed in the construction trailer, as well as, an electronic copy sent after every stormwater inspection. This map must be updated on a weekly basis to reflect the BMP measures in place on your construction site. If any BMPs are installed or removed, as the site operator, you’re required to note it on the update form in Appendix G of the SWPPP.

Good news! Cardinal is here to help you keep your construction site running as smoothly as possible. If granted access, a Cardinal inspector will help you update these logs and maps. However, ultimately the responsibility falls to the construction site owner’s representative.

Note changes to inspections

Any changes to your stormwater inspections should be noted in Appendix F of your SWPPP. This includes two types of updates:

  1. Changes in frequency such as moving from weekly to bi-weekly inspections
  2. Changing the day of inspection such as moving from a Wednesday to a Friday

Document SWPPP inspections

Regular stormwater inspections must be kept up to date in your SWPPP by printing hard copies to store with your binder. These hard copies can either be kept at the back of your SWPPP binder or in a separate binder, depending on how long construction on your site lasts.

Update Street Sweeping Log

Appendix G of the SWPPP has a place to keep a street sweeping log. Every time a street sweeper is on your site, you’re required to note the date and time in the log.
It’s important to stay on top of SWPPP updates. These updates are what trained stormwater inspectors are looking for when visiting a job site.

Cardinal’s environmental team of SWPPP production staff and stormwater inspectors are here to help you. We want to make stormwater regulation as simple as possible. Have a question? Get in touch with your Cardinal representative today or call our main office at 469-547-1281.


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