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Intern Spotlight

A big shoutout to Cole Anderson and Braden Strother who joined us this summer as our youngest ever Cardinal Interns! We here at Cardinal Strategies believe you are never too young to advance your education.

Both Cole and Braden are entering their senior year of high school and plan to further pursue their interests in engineering by obtaining a college degree in civil engineering and computer science, respectively.

This summer, Cole and Braden have worked alongside Thomas and his engineering team to learn more about hydrology, hydraulics, designing models in ArcGIS and making reports for clients and cities. Their main focus this summer has been floodplain studies. 

They are just about to wrap up a project in Keller, TX for a homeowner wanting to make several renovations. The homeowner had to have a flood study complete because their home is next to a large stream. Cole and Braden worked alongside Cardinal’s engineering team to ensure that the renovations the homeowner proposed will not cause any adverse effects to the 100-year storm water elevation and flows.  

We have loved watching you both learn and grow this summer and cannot wait to see what all you both accomplish!

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