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Investment in next generation of engineers is top priority for Cardinal

At Cardinal Strategies, we believe it’s important to get to know and invest in the next generation of stormwater engineers. We offer internship and co-op opportunities to students completing their degrees in civil engineering, environmental engineering or another closely related engineering discipline.

“Working with and guiding Cardinal’s co-op students is extremely rewarding,” says Principal, West Texas Team Lead Ben McWhorter, PE, CFM. “It’s essential to their growth as engineers to start applying the principles learned in the classroom to real-world projects as soon as possible.”

At Cardinal’s Lubbock, TX office, we have two co-op students from Texas Tech University’s environmental engineering graduate program, Stricklin and Pedro.

“I like working at Cardinal because not only am I expanding my knowledge and understanding of hydrology and hydraulics, but I have a blast interacting with the engineers on staff,” says Stricklin.

Are you ready for an internship or co-op at Cardinal? Are you preparing to graduate and are looking for a full-time EIT position? Stay up to date with available positions on Cardinal’s careers page or follow Cardinal on social media to know about any new postings.

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