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New addition to the Cardinal Engineering Team, Bryan Scheutze - Stormwater Engineer

How Bryan Became Interested in Water Resources Engineering and His Path to Cardinal Strategies

Bryan was working for ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas, in the summer of 2000, when he became aware of the company’s tuition reimbursement program. It was at that time that Bryan decided to take advantage of this program to pursue a graduate degree (second Master’s, MS) from the University of Houston (UH) in a field that had always interested him: environmental engineering. Working full-time for ExxonMobil, and attending classes after hours at UH, Bryan completed his MS in environmental engineering in May 2004.

After working for about five years as a general environmental engineer, in consulting, and in manufacturing, in southeast Texas, Bryan decided to increase his ability to create a positive impact in the environmental field, by earning a PhD in a field that he felt was especially critical to society during a time when water shortages and water quality issues were becoming increasingly apparent:  the field of water resources engineering.  After locating a doctoral program in civil engineering, with a water resources engineering focus, Bryan enrolled at Texas Tech in the fall of 2010, as a full-time PhD student. His eventual research focus was small-scale reverse osmosis water purification. He completed his program in December 2013. 

Since water resources engineering roles for PhD graduates were hard to come by, Bryan accepted a senior environmental engineering position in the New Orleans metro area in 2014. Bryan continued to work in chemical manufacturing as a senior environmental engineer and environmental manager until June 2020, when he chose to again redirect his career toward the field of environmental sustainability. When a previously available research role at Rochester Institute of Technology became unavailable in early 2021, Bryan applied for a stormwater-related position at Cardinal Strategies. Bryan was excited about working for Cardinal because the company’s focus was water-related, and it allowed him to change his focus from primarily an air quality and compliance focus to a focus on water resources. The fact that Cardinal also had an environmental division focusing on site remediation only increased his excitement and interest regarding working for the Company. 

Bryan’s Hobbies and General Interests

Bryan enjoys travel, reading about history, and working out at the gym.  As he gets more settled, he will intends to buy a piano and reconnect with another one of his interests—playing the piano.

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