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Glenn Lakes Stream Project Highlight

               Check out our Glenn Lakes project. The Glen Lakes Stream Channel was originally a developed channel for a small golf course development. The channel was well designed; however over the years the grade control structures had fallen into disrepair as a result of increased storm water flows and a lack of maintenance. 

               Cardinal Strategies was requested to evaluate the channel and provide remediation for the failed structures and to then re-stabilize the now highly eroded channel banks. The desire by the Homeowners Association was to return it to its original state and provide a soft armor for bank stabilization. The existing failed grade control weirs were reconstructed and a series of riffle pools were developed along the bottom of the channel to reduce the velocity of the flow and establish individual pools for amphibian habitat as well as the local water fowl. The banks of the channel were then sloped to reduce steepness and to provide additional expulsion capacity through the channel during major rain events. Onsite plants were harvested from the areas disturbed by the bank grading and replanted into the newly developed banks. To reduce potential erosion of the banks and provide time for the new plant establishment, the banks were covered with a Coconut erosion control mat. Coconut was chosen due to its strength, durability and habitat-friendly nature.

               The new installation was thoroughly tested six days following its completion. A    major storm event occurred causing the channel to overrun its banks and flood back into the surrounding green space. The on-site maintenance personnel and longtime Supervisor Mr. Cedric Gerard described the event as being the highest flow ever experienced during their 10 plus years working at the site.

               Following the rain event, the channel was inspected by the Homeowners Association Board of Directors, the onsite property Manager Mr. J W Davis and Jerry Sanders of Cardinal Strategies. The individual grade control weirs and riffle pool structures were all in place and performing their intended function, as was the erosion mat and transplanted ground cover vegetation. The restructuring of the grade control structures in conjunction with the new riffle pool installations, controlled both the downcutting of the channel and reduced the shear stress on the channel banks, resulting in minimal soil movement through the channel. With the reduced shear stress applied to the channel banks, and the elimination of undercutting that results from downcutting in the channel, the coconut erosion mat provided the stability and protection required to maintain the newly planted vegetation while also controlling potential erosion of the banks surface.


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