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When is a Flood Study Required?

When is a flood study required?

A Flood Study is required when a property is being platted, zoned, or redeveloped and the impervious area is proposed to increase. A Flood Study is also required when a stream is bisects the property or when an area of known flooding occurs on the subject property.  Additional floodplain requirements occur when a FEMA designated floodplain is mapped on the subject property.

The Flood Study provides multiple answers including: whether detention is needed on the site, establishment of minimum insurable structure finish floor elevations, building area of the subject property, and any compensatory flood storage requirements.

The Flood Study allows the development of a property in an economically viable perspective, while mitigating flood risk for the property and not negatively impacting adjacent properties and the community from flooding.  

During a flood study or downstream assessment, Cardinal's stormwater engineers will evaluate and define the flood risk and impact of a proposed land development project, as well as take steps to eliminate any adverse impacts. Our engineers follow the regulations and requirements outlined by the local municipality and FEMA. 

Cardinal's stormwater engineers are well-versed in the land development process and understand how standard practice flood studies and downstream assessments fit into that process. Our team prioritizes technical excellence for models anywhere from basic to the most complex. 

Contact Cardinal today about your development project and let's discuss how we can help you! 

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