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Ash Creek Project Highlight

Big updates on our Asher Creek Project! We have made vast improvements with the retaining wall’s completion and are putting up several native Live Oak and Chinese Pistache trees along the top of the retaining wall.

Due to construction at Brian Adams High School, the slope of the creek was severely steepened, and natural bedrock structures on the bank were broken. Additionally, large rocks detached from the bank and fell into the stream, leaving the community devastated. The Ash Creek community has rallied to save the creek and restore the native vegetation.

Over the past year have worked alongside the East Dallas Neighbors and look forward to continuing to work with Dallas ISD as we move forward to future conservation efforts for the community. To stabilize the bank, we have regraded the bank at the same slope as the upstream and downstream sections and replanted the native riparian vegetation to hold the bank together.

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Progress Photos: 

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