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Cracked or Shifted Pool Coping: Causes and What To Do

Pool shifting can occur for a couple of reasons, but the most common in North Texas is due to soil expansion. It occurs when subsurface water accumulates at the bottom of the pool excavation, activating the native clay material, which then expands and pushes up on the pool.

Piers underneath the pool do not necessarily help this issue and can actually make it worse, as the depth of the pier actually allows water to reach a deeper point and activate a larger column of soil. Soil loss due to erosion can also cause pools to shift.

One key indicator that your pool is shifting is cracking in the pool coping, deck, or the pool itself. A second indicator is tile around the inside of the pool walls being out of level.

To prevent/fix pool shifting, we install a spur drain under the pool to collect and expel water, which allows the soil to stay in equilibrium.

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