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Celebrating World Engineering Day & Empowering the Future of STEM

Today, we are proud to celebrate World Engineering Day and to recognize the hard work engineers do on a daily basis. We also want to take this opportunity to encourage the youth of today to explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). At Cardinal Strategies, we are committed to helping foster STEM education in our local communities.

MATHCOUNTS Competition
Recently, we had the pleasure of volunteering at MATHCOUNTS competition. This competition is dedicated to inspiring students in 6th-8th grades who have an interest in mathematics and encourages them to further their education through STEM related fields. It was an amazing experience for all involved as we were able to witness first hand what these kids could accomplish with access to quality education and resources. With their potential, these students will become the engineers, technologists, biologists, chemists and mathematicians of tomorrow; driving innovation and change around the world!

Encouraging Learning & Imparting Knowledge
We believe that it is important for us as a business—and even more importantly as individuals—to continue encouraging learning and imparting knowledge wherever possible. That’s why we are so passionate about helping empower our future generations with STEM related knowledge and skills that can help them succeed in life! By doing this, we can help shape the future of our world for generations to come!

As we continue celebrating World Engineering Day today, let’s also remember that it’s up to all of us—as members of society—to ensure that we are doing our part when it comes empowering our youth with quality education so they can become successful contributors in our communities. At Cardinal Strategies, this is something that we strive towards every day. Let’s continue encouraging learning and imparting knowledge as well as supporting initiatives like MATHCOUNTS competition to empower the new generation! Together, let's make a lasting difference in our world!

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