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Water Resources Focused Engineer-in-Training

Job Position: Engineer-In-Training (EIT)

Job Description:

Applicant should be able to perform routine engineering work related to stormwater modeling that requires application of standard techniques, procedures, and criteria. Applicant must have experience with hydrology and hydraulic software as follows:

  • ArcGIS
  • Autocad or Microstation
  • Microsoft Office Suite

Experience in developing Stormwater master plans or completing flood studies is a plus. Experience with FEMA LOMRs is a plus. Applicant should have a firm understanding of common applications such as the Rational Method, Modified Rational Method, Unit Hydrograph Methods, Manning’s Equation, and HGL calculations.

Applicant must be able to communicate clearly through strong technical writing as well as in verbal situations such as meetings and phone conferences. Applicant must work well in a team environment, be able to take direction from multiple Project Managers concurrently and be able to accommodate multiple concurrent priorities successfully. Applicant must work well in an environment where work direction is being directed from multiple office locations.

This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Applicant must be a registered EIT within the State of Texas or able to become registered within three months of starting this position. 

Job Location:  Richardson, Texas, United States


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